How much do custom sculptures cost?

On-site bear carving
On-site bear carving

How much do custom chainsaw sculptures cost?

Thank you for your interest in my work. The sky is the limit in this type of art. There are several factors that determine what the final cost of the sculpture will be. The most determining factor would be the size of the sculpture. The height and diameter of the log will tell me how much we can do with the log. Of course setting up and working off scaffolding will increase the cost. Then the subject matter, some customers want an elaborate very detailed sculpture with more than one subject, others may only want a bear or a single subject. For example a single bear standing upright would be less than a bear standing on all fours (4X4). An eagle perched would be less that an eagle in flight or soaring holding a fish in its talons. Probably the most challenging for a carver is the human subject. People know what people are supposed to look like and any anatomical anomaly is noticed. One person is hard enough to carve but mix several humans together with an animal or two, well the degree of difficulty increases and so would the cost. So you see the cost can vary greatly but here are some estimated basic costs that might help. These prices are for completed sculptures available or commissioned at my studio. Onsite sculptures would be subject to inspection and final approval of client (see below).   

2’ upright bear $100-$200, 3’ upright bear $200-$300, 4’ upright bear $300-$500, 5’-6’ upright bear $500- $800, 7’-8’ bear $1000-$1500+

3’ perched eagle $400-$500, 4’-5’ perched eagle $600-$900, 6’-8’ in-flight or soaring eagle $1200-$2000+

Owls would be approximately the same as eagles,

Humans, Saint Francis, religious figures and other call for an estimate,


On Site Sculptures, also called tree sculptures:

Again the sky is the limit, depending on size, detail and subject matter. Probably the best thing for me to do is come out and look at the tree and discuss the possibilities. If you can email me pictures of the tree, it would be very helpful for initial consultation. Try to determine ahead of time what you would like to have carved and a budget frame you can work with. We can look at the tree before the tree service comes to determine where to cut the tree to leave enough for your sculpture. Costs involved with onsite sculptures include, mileage (for distances over 25 miles from Albuquerque, NM) bark removal, scaffolding, clean up and disposal, etc. and sometimes unexpected costs can arise such as hollow spots in the tree that would require special repair, insect and rot mitagation etc. Projects that require travel and overnight stays, current GSA rates will apply (GSA rates include lodging and expenses). My schedule can be pretty full at times so start and finish times can vary quite a bit but I promise to keep you informed all the way. To start your sculpture I ask for 25% down and balance due at satisfactory completion.

Please let me know if you have any other questions, thanks!